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TRANSITIONS | Kenny Loggins - Musician

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

In episode 62, Dana and Kim are joined in-studio by music icon, Kenny Loggins. Kenny not only discusses his musical career, but how 2023 will be his final year of touring and his thoughts on what life looks like coming off the road after more than five decades of playing to sold out venues across the globe. Kenny also discusses his daughter’s transition to becoming a man and how that had a profound effect on him by creating a deeper love and closer relationship he thought he might never have.

We're blessed today to have not only music, royalty, but if you happen to be a local Sanibel resident, we have local royalty with us today. Kenny Loggins, Kenny, thanks for being with us today. Like I was telling Kenny earlier, it would be much easier to speak about music for the next hour. And it may be much easier for him to speak about music for the next hour. But unfortunately, or fortunately, we're a psychology podcast. And people are tuning in to hear may they probably actually rather hear Kenny sang than then be or Dana talk. But this is a big year coming up for you here in 2023. And we're gonna we're gonna talk a little bit about that, and a little bit about your history. But you mentioned something before we started recording. We were talking about people knowing you and people knowing the public persona or the music persona of catalogs, and you mentioned to me, you go well, people think they know me. Yeah. Can you expand on that?

Fear holds you back. Intuition, faith and love push you forward."

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Bradley Mansfield
Bradley Mansfield
Jul 25, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

great conversation between Dana and Kenny

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