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Dr. Dana Saperstein, PhD.


A Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Marriage, Family Therapist. With over thirty years of private practice collaborating with individuals, couples, and groups.

Specialties: Clinical Hypnotherapy
Clinical Hypnosis is the process of (a) deliberately triggering a trance state and then (b) utilizing that state to encourage helpful cognitive, emotional, or physical healing responses. A Trance is a natural biological state of inner absorption, concentration and focused attention. 


Dana's Story! For the first three months of my life, I was in a constant state of agitation and fear because I was starving.  When I was four years old, I was sexually abused and threatened with death if I told on my abuser.  When I was five, I witnessed extreme physical violence during a political demonstration. Throughout most of my early childhood I was emotionally neglected. By the time I was seven years old, I was an emotional mess.  I was plagued by nightmares and a constant feeling of not being safe.  Fear was my middle name.  

In my early school years, I coped with being a bully. I turned all of my pain & fear into aggression. READ MORE >

Fear Me Out Psychotherapy Podcast Host since 2021

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Fear Me Out Psychotherapy Podcast Host since 2021

 Dana's Story! In my early school years, I coped with being a bully. I turned all of my pain & fear into aggression.

My school principal knew me quite well as the kid who fought constantly. When I was thirteen, I got in a severe fight with a schoolmate.  After the fight, I was sitting in my bedroom nursing a badly swollen hand. For the first time in my life,


I wondered about the person I had fought with. If my hand was damaged how much pain had I inflicted on the other boy? I felt very sad and remorseful that I had hurt another person in order to relieve my fear and pain. From that moment forward, I vowed never to fight again.

However, my fear and pain persisted along with a constant struggle with depression. The only solution I could come up with was self-medication.  I started using drugs to cope and was high on marijuana for the next five years.  Every day before, during and after school my friends and I got stoned.  

When I was seventeen, my parents approached me with the idea that I might benefit from psychotherapy.  This began a decade of self-discovery. I had no idea all of the trauma that I experienced as a young child could create so much anguish in my psyche. I came to understand the relationship between pain, fear, and aggression.

During the latter half of my teen years and my early twenties, I had many experiences with strangers telling me their life stories. I was often surprised that people would open up to me in such emotionally intimate ways.

The therapist I was working with encouraged me to become a clinical psychologist and helped me navigate the educational process.  He gave me the understanding that I was destined to become a psychologist.

 Mike and Jo Consulting Podcast.

The general focus of this podcast is to utilize Mike and Jo's knowledge and experience to help their listeners with informative series on topics from making a major career change to better performing at your current station. Learn about Dana's life story adventure in this podcast. Fear Dana Not! Hear him Out.

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Hosted by Clinical Psychologist - Dana P. Saperstein PhD.

""Embrace Your Heart, Heal Your Soul"

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