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"Fear holds you back. Intuition, faith and love push you forward."

Spirituality is a profound and deeply personal aspect of human existence that transcends the confines of organized religion and traditional belief systems. It is the quest for meaning, purpose, and connection to something greater than oneself. Spirituality encompasses the recognition and exploration of the inner self, the cultivation of inner peace, and the pursuit of a harmonious relationship with the world around us.

Ultimately, spirituality is a deeply personal and subjective experience.
It is a lifelong journey of self-exploration, growth, and transformation.

Podcasts on Spirituality >

Fear Me Out Podcasts on Spirituality

Spirituality provides a sanctuary for individuals to reconnect with their authentic selves and to forge deeper connections with others and the world around them. It can bring solace during times of hardship, offer guidance in making ethical decisions, and inspire acts of kindness and service.

EP1 Fear Me Out: How To Manage Fear & Live a More Fulfilling Life. Welcome to the Fear Me Out Podcast with your hosts Kim Fauskee & Dr. Dana Saperstein EP1: Kim Fauskee & Dr. Dana Saperstein discuss why they wrote a book, who they are, how fear got a bad rap, and why managing your fear always beats trying to overcome it. "Fear holds you back. Intuition and faith push you forward.|LISTEN >

Self-Examination & How It Benefits Your Life. Dana and Kim discuss the ins & outs of living an examined life and how ultimately it could be one of the greatest personal benefits to your life.*Warning, this episode does contain graphic language and references of physical and sexual abuse.|LISTEN >

Susan Saperstein R.N. on Life as a Hospice Nurse & Preparing for Death. Kim and Dana continue their series on the “Fear of Death” and welcome into the podcast studio, Susan Saperstein, R.N. Susan’s career as a nurse spans some forty year’s including many years as a Hospice nurse working with pediatric patients and their families. Susan also has worked abroad and was an instrumental partner in establishing a Healthcare and Hospice center in Luanda Kenya. Susan brings a unique approach to the preparation of dying and how it can be a less fearful and more loving and positive event. About the Fear Me Out Podcast: Kim & Dana are the co-authors of a book by the same name (Fear Me Out) that was released in 2022. Their unique approach to managing fear will have you experiencing and feeling fear differently. Along with their studio guests, they engage in life conversations that most people are too uncomfortable to have and debunk certain myths regarding fear and everyday psychological issues that affect many of us.|LISTEN >

Communication Facilitator Catherine Weissenberg. Dana and Kim are joined in-studio by Catherine Weissenberg who’s heightened intuitive skills led her down an uncommon path eventually becoming what she calls, a “Communication Facilitator”. She has shared her gift and writings with hundreds of people helping them connect with God, those that have passed, and with coma patients.|LISTEN >

Intuition. Dana and Kim begin a discussion on the importance of using and trusting your intuition in not only managing your fear, but also guiding your everyday decisions.|LISTEN >

"Q&A with Dana and Kim“ YOU HAVE TO KNOW THE PAST TO UNDERSTAND THE PRESENT” On this special 30th episode, guest host and friend of the podcast, Justine Hamilton sits down with both Dana and Kim to find out more about their lives, how they’ve overcome obstacles along the way, what holds them back now, and their mission of helping others understand how to manage fear and the ability to achieve emotional neutrality. |LISTEN >

Is Love Enough? “IT TAKES MORE THAN JUST LOVE AND PASSION FOR A RELATIONSHIP TO WORK” In this episode, Dana and Kim explore the concept of why love is not enough to sustain a relationship and what other characteristics are needed for a healthy, long-term relationship. They also discuss whether Pure or True Love, is actually a myth or is humanly possible.|LISTEN >

Live Hypnotherapy Session “WHEN YOU FORGIVE, YOU HEAL. AND WHEN YOU LET GO, YOU GROW” We continue our series on; “Finding Yourself from Within”. In this episode, Dr. Dana performs an actual hypnotherapy session with Co-host, Kim. This is a very raw and candid episode where the discussion centers around Kim’s inability to find true love and his hesitancy to fully open his heart to healthy romantic intimacy. This episode also debunks any myths surrounding hypnotherapy and guides the listener through the actual process and Kim’s reactions and post-session thoughts and results.|LISTEN >

EP56 Living an Empathic Life. “BEING AN EMPATH IS LIKE SEEING WITH THE SOUL” Do you have an Empath in your life…... A parent, child, sibling, spouse or partner? Living an Empathic life is both a blessing and a curse. True Empaths only make up 2% of the population. Dana and Kim explain in detail what an Empath is, how they operate in life, and what daily living is like being an Empath.|LISTEN >

Characteristics of an Effective Therapist.  What makes a good psychotherapist and how can I find one? In this episode, Dr. Dana discusses how a therapist’s own self-awareness, intuition, sensitivity, cultural awareness and medical knowledge contribute to the success of the client-therapist relationship. With Dana's wife Susan asking the questions this time, potential clients will learn to trust their own instincts in choosing the best therapist for themselves.|LISTEN >

EP77 Dr. Dana & Justine Hamilton | Spirituality & its Relation to Intuition. INTUITION IS GOD'S VOICE SPEAKING TO US. IT IS A SCARED PART OF OUR LIVES. Dr. Dana us joined by Justine Hamilton to discuss the topic of Spirituality. This conversation ranges from understanding the similarities and differences between religion and spirituality. Intuition being the cornerstone of spirituality. |LISTEN >

EP78 Dr. Dana & Justine Hamilton |How we Gather & Recall Information. CONFIRMATION BIASES IMPACT HOW WE GATHER INFORMATION BUT ALSO INFLUENCE HOW WE INTERPRET & RECALL INFORMATION.|In this episode, Dr. Dana & Justine explore their personal belief systems & the effect that these biases have on their lives. They also explore the danger of confirmation biases & how you can identify some of them in your life.|LISTEN>


Seth Showalter is a licensed clinical social worker, esteemed clinical supervisor, and talented therapist who has dedicated his career to providing compassionate care to individuals facing mental health challenges. He and Dr. Dana discuss his journey to sexual self acceptance.|LISTEN >

Fear Me Out Podcasts on Spirituality
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