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Podcasts Dealing with Death

"Fear holds you back. Intuition, faith and love push you forward."

Both anxiety and depression are influenced by a combination of genetic, environmental, and biological factors. Traumatic experiences, chronic stress, imbalances in brain chemicals, and family history can contribute to their development. Additionally, societal factors such as social isolation, financial stress, and unrealistic expectations can also contribute to these conditions.


Fear Me Out Podcasts Discussing Death

The fear of death is a deeply ingrained and universal aspect of the human experience. It is a profound and complex emotion that arises from our awareness of our own mortality.

EP5 The Story of Survival Hope & Perseverance. Berkley Augie Johnson on Tragic Loss of Son & The Montecito Mudslide:  Dana and Kim welcome into the studio Berkley “Augie” Johnson who along with his family suffered two horrific life events in the span of just two years|LISTEN >

EP6 Life as a Hospice Nurse. Preparing for Death w/Less Fear & Move LoveKim and Dana continue their series on the “Fear of Death” and welcome into the podcast studio, Susan Saperstein, R.N. Susan’s career as a nurse spans some forty year’s including many years as a Hospice nurse working with pediatric patients and their families. Susan also has worked abroad and was an instrumental partner in establishing a Healthcare and Hospice center in Luanda Kenya. Susan brings a unique approach to the preparation of dying and how it can be a less fearful and more loving and positive event. About the Fear Me Out Podcast: Kim & Dana are the co-authors of a book by the same name (Fear Me Out) released in 2022. Their unique approach to managing fear will have you experiencing and feeling fear differently. Along with their studio guests, they engage in life conversations that most people are too uncomfortable to have and debunk certain myths regarding fear & everyday psychological issues that affect many of us. Susan Saperstein R.N|LISTEN 

EP7 The of death of her father & her Healing Journey. Guest Speaker Dairine Pearson LCSW, discusses her own experience of facing the sudden & tragic loss of her father at an early ageand how & why she set out on a healing journey that subsequently led her to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in grief & bereavement counseling for hospice patients & their families.|LISTEN >

EP9 David Langer Star of Netflix Series "Lenox Hill" Dana and Kim are joined in-studio by David Langer, M.D. as they continue the discussion regarding the Fear of Taking on Other People’s Emotions. Discusses the Feelings,as a Neurosurgeon,Life Professionally & Personally.|LISTEN >

EP14 Fear of War. Pausha Foley. Growing up during the Cold War under Tyranny & Oppression.Dana & Kim discuss the recent invasion of Ukraine. We welcome guest Pausha Foley who grew up in Poland during the Cold War &how her perception of war is  different than what is portrayed via film & the media here in the West. Feelings & emotions that haven’t been felt in some thirty-two years are in the forefront of her mind.|LISTEN >

EP17 The Shared Death Experience w/Special Guest William Peters. The Shared Death Experience is more about living than dying and how it allows one to share in the participation of a dying person’s transition to a post-mortem existence. Dana and Kim are joined by Simon and Schuster best selling author and psychotherapist, William Peters who own near death events eventually led him to become the foremost expert in The Shared Death Experience. At Heaven's Door & The Shared Crossing Project. |LISTEN >

EP40 Roger and Marrie Reaves | True Love Knows No Bounds  “THERE’S A REASON WHY TWO PEOPLE STAY TOGETHER. THEY GIVE EACH OTHER SOMETHING NO ONE ELSE CAN”. Dana and Kim are joined by Roger and Marrie Reaves who’s love story began some 60 years ago. There are some stories you just can’t make up. This is one of them. Roger was business partner’s with Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Drug Cartel transporting by air tons of Marijuana and Cocaine over a handful of years. Their marriage not only produced three children, but survived Roger being shot down, shot at, multiple prison escapes, being on the run through countless countries, and ultimately, thirty two years of incarceration. This is a love story for the ages that shouldn’t be missed. |LISTEN >

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