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"Fear holds you back. Intuition, faith and love push you forward."

Dr. Dana Saperstein, PhD., host of the Fear Me Out Podcast, has been in private practice as a clinical psychologist in Santa Barbara, CA for more than 30 years. His unique approach will have you experiencing fear differently. Along with his studio guests, he engages in life conversations that most people are too uncomfortable to have. "Fear holds you back. Intuition, faith and love push you forward."

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Produced in our studio in Santa Barbara, California, here are all our fear me out podcasts. We're not your typical Self-Help Program. Our shows take a deep dive into those psychological issues that affect us on a daily basis. We hope to shift your perspective and have you experience emotions differently.

 Fear Me Out Podcast Episodes

The first 63 episodes of the Fear Me Out Podcast are a collaboration between Dr. Dana Saperstein and Kim Fauskee. All remaining episodes are hosted exclusively by Dr. Dana Saperstein.

EP5 Berkley Augie Johnson on Tragic Loss of Son & The Montecito Mudslide: Dana and Kim discuss the ins & outs of living an examined life and how ultimately it could be one of the greatest personal benefits to your life. *Warning, this episode does contain graphic language and references of physical and sexual abuse. About the Fear Me Out Podcast: Kim & Dana are the co-authors of a book by the same name (Fear Me Out) that will be released in 2022. Their unique approach to managing fear will have you experiencing and feeling fear differently. Along with their studio guests, they engage in life conversations that most people are too uncomfortable to have and debunk certain myths regarding fear and everyday psychological issues that affect many of us.|LISTEN >

EP6 Susan Saperstein R.N. on life as a Hospice Nurse & reparing for Death. Kim and Dana continue their series on the “Fear of Death” and welcome into the podcast studio, Susan Saperstein, R.N. Susan’s career as a nurse spans some forty year’s including many years as a Hospice nurse working with pediatric patients and their families. Susan also has worked abroad and was an instrumental partner in establishing a Healthcare and Hospice center in Luanda Kenya. Susan brings a unique approach to the preparation of dying and how it can be a less fearful and more loving and positive event..|LISTEN >

EP7 Dairine Pearson LCSW on the Tragic Death of Her Father. Kim and Dana continue to speak about the “Fear of Death” and are joined in-studio by; Dairine Pearson who through her own experience of facing the sudden and tragic loss of her father at an early age, set out on a healing journey that subsequently led her to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in grief and bereavement counseling for hospice patients and their families.|LISTEN > 

EP8 Kim & Dana Discuss the Fear of Taking on other People's Emotions. EP8: Kim & Dana go solo this episode and begin a conversation regarding the Fear of Taking on Other People’s Emotions. They discuss the fine line between Empathy and Martyr behavior and how taking on someone else’s pain, anger, sadness, or grief can lead to your own psychological demise and prevent you from living a self- fulfilling life.|LISTEN >

EP9 David Langer Star of Netflix Series "Lenox Hill". Dana and Kim are joined in-studio by David Langer, M.D. as they continue the discussion regarding the Fear of Taking on Other People’s Emotions. Dr. Langer is the Department Chair of Neurosurgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City and the Star of the Netflix Documentary-Series; “Lenox Hill”. Please join us as Dr. Langer discusses the myriad of feelings and emotions he navigates daily and how this affects his life both professionally and personally..|LISTEN >

EP10 Craftsman Chris Young on The Fear Dynamics of Money Dana and Kim begin a two episode conversation regarding the Fear of Money and welcome into the podcast studio, Chris Young. Chris is a craftsman, businessman, surfer, husband, and father who grew up in an upper middle class family. Coming from means did not pave a smooth path to success. In fact, there were many bumps and turns along the way. Join us as we speak with Chris regarding the family dynamics of money & how it shaped his past, but his future.|LISTEN >

EP11 Wealth Manager Kevin Bourke on Overcoming the Fear of Money. Dana and Kim continue their discussion on the Fear of Money and welcome into the podcast studio, Kevin Bourke, CFP. Kevin’s own journey with money began at an early age which eventually led him to his career as a Wealth Manager and the author of; “Make Your Money Last A Lifetime”. |LISTEN >

EP12 Self-Help Vs. Self-Culture Conscious IntrospectionDana and Kim begin an important discussion on the difference between Self-Help and Self-Culture / Conscious Introspection. While one can become toxic, the other can lead you to a life of greater fulfillment and purpose through the deep exploration of one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual existence..|LISTEN >

EP13 Communication Facilitator Catherine Weissenberg - Dana and Kim are joined in-studio by Catherine Weissenberg who’s heightened intuitive skills led her down an uncommon path eventually becoming what she calls, a “Communication Facilitator”. She has shared her gift and writings with hundreds of people helping them connect with God, those that have passed, and with coma patients. She is also the co-author of a book called; “Beyond Ever After: A Heart-to-Heart Journey Through Death and the Afterlife”.|LISTEN >

EP14 Fear of War. Dana and Kim discuss the recent invasion of Ukraine. We welcome guest Pausha Foley who grew up in Poland during the Cold War and how her perception of war is vastly different than what is portrayed via film and the media here in the West. Feelings and emotions that haven’t been felt in some thirty-two years are again in the forefront of her mind.|LISTEN >

EP15 Soul Searching. Dana and Kim speak with Nancy Locke whose journey through life hasn't exactly taken a traditional path. Through addiction, complicated family relationships, and a high-profile marriage, she ultimately found sobriety, love, and the person within she was looking for.

EP16 Intuition. Listening to the feeling within. Dana and Kim begin a discussion on the importance of using and trusting your intuition in not only managing your fear, but also guiding your everyday decisions in life|LISTEN >

EP17 The Shared Death Experience. The Shared Death Experience is more about living than dying and how it allows one to share in the participation of a dying person’s transition to a post-mortem existence. Dana and Kim are joined by Simon and Schuster best selling author and psychotherapist, William Peters who own near death events eventually led him to become the foremost expert in The Shared Death Experience.|LISTEN >

EP18 Matt Lowe - Agent of Change - Responsibility is accepting that you are the cause and solution of the problem.Dana and Kim are joined by in-studio guest, Matt Lowe whose loss of sight at age 16 derailed a promising U.S. National Hockey Team career, but it eventually led him to become a leader in Martin Luther King’s Poor People’s Initiative and also an advocate for Social and Community Justice Restoration on the Local, State and National level.|LISTEN >

EP19 Against All Odds A Father's Fight for his Daughter. "A hero is someone who, in spite of weakness, doubt, and fear, goes ahead and overcomes anyway”. Dana and Kim are joined in the studio by former professional athlete Derin Stockton who endured a 10-year legal battle to gain custody of his daughter through a court system that consistently fought him, experts that continually berated him, and a child’s mother whose own battle with mental illness caused their daughter immeasurable harm.|LISTEN >

EP21 Self-Care is How You Take your Power Back. In this episode, Dana and Kim are joined by native New Yorker and now Californian, Lauren Fisher. Her battle with weight issues while growing up eventually led her to a not-so-obvious career as an Associate Publisher and Fashion Director at multiple, well-known, high fashion publications. As a result of her experiences and her passion for human transformation and empowerment, Lauren now shares her expertise as a Health and Wellness Coach with those she left behind in the corporate world and others who desire to live a healthy and balanced life.|LISTEN >

EP22 Special Mother's Day. Why having a mother that's your best friend and biggest cheerleader makes all the difference.On this special Mother’s Day episode, Dana and Kim are joined in-studio by friend of the podcast, Bryan Smith who shares with us the qualities that make his mother so special and why her infectious spirit and zest for life keeps her active, busy, and in-demand, even into her later 90’s.|LISTEN >

EP23 Fear of Not Being Happy - “IT’S OK TO JUST FEEL OK” In this episode, Dana and Kim discuss the common myth that as humans we should consistently be happy. The media tells us this, advertisers sell us this, books convince us of this, and social media shows us this, but it’s not possible for us as humans to be a single emotion. Emotional Neutrality is what we should be striving for as our daily baseline in seeking joy and understanding the other emotions we feel and how they play an integral role in our overall wellbeing.|LISTEN >

EP24 Being of Service to Others."THE BEST WAY TO FIND YOURSELF IS TO LOSE YOURSELF IN THE SERVICE OF OTHERS” In this episode, Dana and Kim are joined in-studio by, Kerri Murray who is the President of Shelter Box USA. Kerri discusses her organization’s global humanitarian mission and her transition from Pharma Executive to leading a Global Organization that services those in need during Natural Disasters, Civil Unrest and War. Kerri describes how becoming a humanitarian was seeded early in her life and how; intuition, grit, determination, and resilience played a role in her success not only professionally, but personally.|LISTEN >

EP25 The Healing Power of Music. Dana and Kim are joined in-studio by Peter Melnick who followed his famous family’s roots into the music business and created his own success story not only professionally, but personally. Peter talks about how music played an integral role in shaping his life’s journey along with healing the trauma he encountered along the way.|LISTEN >

EP26 The Art of Fear. In this episode, Dana and Kim are joined by the retired extreme athlete, Kristen Ulmer whose Hall-of-Fame skiing career eventually led her to become an expert in managing fear and into a new profession of Zen Therapy. Kristen’s book; “The Art of Fear” was one of the first publications which challenged the popular opinion that fear can be overcome and introduced new concepts of how embracing fear can lead to a better life.|LISTEN >

EP27 What if it DID Work? "INSIDE EVERY SELF-MADE MAN IS A FEARFUL KID WHO FOLLOWED HIS DREAMS” In this episode, Dana and Kim are joined by Florida native, Omar Medrano who can be described as a modern-day Horatio Alger story. Omar grew up in Miami the only child of a single mother. He lacked self-confidence and allowed fear and anger to hold him back. It wasn’t until after college and through a series of jobs that Omar began the process of conscious introspection which eventually led him to become a successful entrepreneur, sought-after business coach, mentor, and author of the book; “What If It Did Work”.|LISTEN >

EP28 The Introspective Journey of a Life Well Lived. “THE ONLY JOURNEY IS THE ONE WITHIN” In this episode, Dana and Kim are joined by musician, Glen Phillips who is known to many as the front man for the band, Toad the Wet Sprocket and also through his own successful solo career. Fame found Glen early on and he's been trying to make sense of it ever since. This interview goes deep into the subjects of; fame, love, faith, spirituality, and the continuation of one man’s introspective journey of a life well-lived.|

EP29 Breaking the Stigma Mold. “STIGMA IS A PROCESS BY WHICH THE REACTION OF OTHERS SPOILS NORMAL IDENTITY” In this episode, Dana and Kim are joined in-studio by Leslie Zemeckis who is an; actor, author, documentarian, mother, and the wife of an Academy Award-winning Director. Her storytelling of stigmatized and marginalized women has won numerous awards and has broken the stereotypical understanding and image of professions once thought of as freakish and on the edge of society.|LISTEN >

EP30 "Q&A" “YOU HAVE TO KNOW THE PAST TO UNDERSTAND THE PRESENT” On this special 30th episode, guest host and friend of the podcast, Justine Hamilton sits down with both Dana and Kim to find out more about their lives, how they’ve overcome obstacles along the way, what holds them back now, and their mission of helping others understand how to manage fear and the ability to achieve emotional neutrality.|LISTEN >

EP31 Music is what Feelings sound like. In this episode, Dana and Kim are joined in-studio by Sofia Schuster who suffered from paralyzed vocal cords at birth and wasn’t able to utter a sound for the first three months of her life. At age 3, she discovered music which eventually led her to the stages of American Idol and entrance into the prestigious Interlochen Center for the Arts. Sofia’s talent for music is equally matched by her outlook on life and how she views her place in the world. Sofia’s vocal talent is also on display as she performs two of her original songs during the episode|LISTEN >

EP32 Common Personality Disorders. “EMOTIONS ARE TEMPORARY STATES OF MIND. DON’T LET THEM PERMANENTLY DESTROY YOU” Dana and Kim discuss the most common personality disorders within society today. Research shows that over 10% of the adult population suffers from some kind of personality disorder even though those numbers are probably much higher. Many of us have had someone in our lives that has been afflicted by one or more of these disorders. This episode will discuss; how to recognize someone with a particular disorder, how to effectively manage your interactions with these people, and how you can avoid attracting certain disorders into your life. |LISTEN >

EP33 Healthy Dependency. “CONNECTION IS THE SINGLE BIGGEST NEED FOR A PHYSICAL HUMAN” In this episode, Dana and Kim discuss the difference between healthy and unhealthy dependency. While one leads you to take on the emotions of others and sacrifice personal autonomy to avoid feeling abandoned, the other leads you to a life of greater fulfillment, intimacy, vulnerability, accomplishment, and self-worth. They also debunk the common notion that any form of dependency is toxic and discuss how healthy dependence equals a healthy relationship which in turn fosters greater personal independence.|LISTEN >

All You Need Is Love. LOVE MEANS GETTING BETTER TOGETHER” In this episode, Dana and Kim are joined in-studio by Meredith Baxter and her wife, Nancy Locke. Both Meredith and Nancy offer a candid and vulnerable insight into their relationship and how they found authentic love later in life. Through adversity, public perception, trauma, and fear, their relationship has not only endured but continues to evolve and get better each day. This is a true love story for the ages.|LISTEN >

EP35 Rescue Fantasy. "WHEN YOU GO LOOKING FOR RESCUE, YOU END UP TRAPPED IN YOUR OWN WEAKNESS” Dana and Kim discuss a common relationship issue called; Rescue Fantasy”.  This is where rescuers and victims often find each other. Rescuers often fail to realize what price tag they are unconsciously attaching to their help in order to make themselves feel important and worthy of love. Rescuers have trouble knowing when to say no. This behavior also distracts the rescuer from focusing on their own needs and self-worth. This role also has crippling effects for the victim as well.|LISTEN >

EP36 Surviving Objectification and Sexual Abuse. “TRAUMA MAY HAPPEN TO YOU, BUT IT CAN NEVER DEFINE YOU” Dana and Kim are joined in-studio by Olympic Medalist, Entrepreneur, Artist / Designer; Caroline Burckle whose trip to athletic glory came with a huge price through no fault of her own. Caroline shares with us her very personal story of being objectified and abused by those she admired and looked up to and how these actions took a toll on her mental and physical well-being as well as, the loss of friendships and intimate relationships. This is a story of a survivor who has now fully embraced her journey forward toward; health, happiness, and healing.|LISTEN >

Self-Sabotage. Inside this episode, Dana and Kim explore why some people consciously choose to get in the way of what could be a good thing. Whether this be fear, poor self-esteem, trust difficulties, unrealistic expectations, or poor relationship skills, people sabotage their romantic relationships for the sole purpose of protecting themselves. Dana and Kim provide insight on how to develop and foster a healthy and intimate, relationship.|LISTEN >

The Keys to a Long Term Relationship. “CONNECTION IS THE ENERGY THAT IS CREATED BETWEEN PEOPLE WHEN THEY FEEL SEEN, HEARD, AND VALUED" In this episode, Dana and Kim welcome to the podcast studio, Dave and Marla Yukelson whose over 50-year romance / relationship began when both were in high school. They both eloquently explain how their relationship has evolved over the years through cross-country moves, careers, and children. Dave and Marla also describe the key elements that have kept their relationship not only sustainable but thriving after half a century.|LISTEN >

Communication in Intimate Relationships. “HONEST COMMUNICATION TO A RELATIONSHIP IS LIKE OXYGEN TO LIFE. WITHOUT IT…..IT DIES.” In this episode, Dana, Kim, and Special Guest Host, Justine Hamilton talk about the foundation of healthy communication and how this either makes or ultimately breaks a relationship. This discussion centers around the necessary traits one must have to communicate effectively and how open, honest, and respectful communication leads to tighter bonds and healthy dependency.|LISTEN >

True Love Knows No Bounds. “THERE’S A REASON WHY TWO PEOPLE STAY TOGETHER. THEY GIVE EACH OTHER SOMETHING NO ONE ELSE CAN”.Dana and Kim are joined by Roger and Marrie Reaves who’s love story began some 60 years ago. There are some stories you just can’t make up. This is one of them. Roger was business partner’s with Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Drug Cartel transporting by air tons of Marijuana and Cocaine over a handful of years. Their marriage not only produced three children, but survived Roger being shot down, shot at, multiple prison escapes, being on the run through countless countries, and ultimately, thirty two years of incarceration. This is a love story for the ages that shouldn’t be missed.|LISTEN > 

EP41 Is Love Enough? “IT TAKES MORE THAN JUST LOVE AND PASSION FOR A RELATIONSHIP TO WORK” In this episode, Dana and Kim explore the concept of why love is not enough to sustain a relationship and what other characteristics are needed for a healthy, long-term relationship. They also discuss whether Pure or True Love, is actually a myth or is humanly possible.|LISTEN >

Parental Alienation. “A HEALTHY PARENT DOES NOT TAKE THEIR CHILD’S RIGHTS AWAY OUT OF HATE AND ANGER FOR THE OTHER PARENT”. Dana and Kim are joined in the studio by Kristi Miller, LMFT author of; “Establishing Boundaries with Kids” whose therapy practice solely works with families navigating parent/child issues. Parental alienation is a strategy whereby one parent intentionally displays to the child unjustified negativity aimed at the other parent. The purpose of this strategy is to damage the child's relationship with the other parent and to turn the child's emotions against that other parent. This is a form of child abuse. Dana, Kim, and Kristi discuss how this begins, what are signs to watch for, what type of help is available if this is happening to you or someone you know, and the long-lasting psychological effect this has on the child and the abused parent.|LISTEN >

Dating & Relationships in 2022. “LOVE IS LIKE A LOST OBJECT, IT WILL SHOW UP IN THE MOST UNEXPECTED WAY” Dana and Kim are joined by co-host, Justine Hamilton and special guest, Katy Clark who is a So. Ca. based Dating Coach and Matchmaker who the LA Times proclaimed as the; “Jane of all Trades”. Katy’s no non-sense approach to dating and relationships utilizes old school rules with a new school approach. She discusses what it takes to find a match & the tools necessary to succeed in this new era of dating|LISTEN >

EP44 Is Forgiveness a Learned Skill? “FORGIVENESS IS A GIFT THAT YOU GIVE TO YOURSELF” Dana and Kim discuss if forgiveness is actually something real or is it a conditioned response that has become a pleasantry in everyday life. The foundations of forgiveness go back centuries and have different meanings depending on the origin. Can you actually forgive and forget or is it ingrained in your conscious thus permanently changing the relationship you once had with the person who violated your trust or integrity? How about the concept of forgiving yourself first before forgiving others? These are just some of the questions regarding forgiveness along with many others that are addressed in this episode.|LISTEN >

EP45 Surviving Sexual Abuse. “THE SCARS YOU CAN’T SEE ARE THE HARDEST TO HEAL”. In this episode, Dana and Kim discuss the long-term psychological effects of sexual abuse and how it defines you as a person going forward. If left untreated, many will develop unhealthy habits and patterns that will not only affect their health and mental well-being but will also block them from having robust intimate relationships with the opposite sex and may also lead to further abuse. Like many traumas in life, this one can also be overcome with the right understanding, counsel, compassion, and acceptance.|LISTEN >

The Lasting Trauma of Sexual Abuse. “THERE IS NO GREATER AGONY THAN BEARING AN UNTOLD STORY INSIDE OF YOU” In this episode, Dana and Kim are joined by Sexual Abuse Survivor, Ann Burridge who suffered years of sexual abuse from her step-father beginning as a young child. Like many victims where abuse began early in life, Ann was not only confused by her step-father’s actions, but also found a level of pleasure in performing them along with the attention she received. It wasn’t until she began marriage counseling did the memories of abuse re-surface. This began Ann’s decades-long journey toward confronting her past and healing the scars that remained. Ann’s healing journey continues today and has included a few speed bumps and hurdles along the way but she has now found a life where she is content and looking at life through a different lens.|LISTEN >

EP47 Surviving Parental Alienation. “NARCISSISTS DON’T CO-PARENT. THEY COUNTER-PARENT”. Dana & Kim are joined in-studio by a friend of the podcast, Patrick Woods who experienced firsthand the effects of parental alienation at the hands of a narcissistic father. This had a profound effect on Patrick, especially through adolescence which included bouts of significant depression and suicidal thoughts. Patrick is unique in the fact that he was able to get professional help through the encouragement of his mother and step-father which provided him with a perspective that most teenagers don’t have and the tools necessary not only to heal but to thrive in life in just a few short years. Patrick is wise beyond his age and details his story in an eloquent, vulnerable, and passionate way.|LISTEN >

The Psychedelic Journey. “HEALING IS A JOURNEY, NOT A DESTINATION”.In this episode, Dana and Kim are joined by Psychedelic Journey Facilitators, Michael and Naomi Sparrow. Michael and Naomi are degreed professionals who have practiced the art of Psychology and Spirituality for many years. During the past few years, they have facilitated the continued healing journey for many people through the use of MDMA, LSD and Psilocybin. They were the facilitators for Co-Host Kim Fauskee’s journey which he describes in detail during this episode. The Fear Me Out Podcast does not promote nor recommend the use of illegal and potentially harmful drugs, but through years of study and thousands of participants worldwide, the use of Psychedelics under the supervision of professionals, has shown promising results in treating those with depression, addiction and PTSD.|LISTEN >

PTSD to CEO. “SURVIVAL IS ABOUT THE FIRE INSIDE OF YOU BURNING BRIGHTER THAN THE FIRE AROUND YOU” Dana and Kim are joined by, Synthesis CEO, Rachel Aidan. Rachel’s story is unique. Her meteoric rise to success started with shocking beginnings. She was raised by religious extremist parents, was exposed to group ritual sexual abuse, had two siblings pass, raped, had an abortion, two suicide attempts, and became a mother all before the age of 20. Many people do not survive this kind of abuse let alone become a successful serial entrepreneur and now CEO of a global company that is in the forefront of legalizing and legitimizing the use of Psychedelics with an emphasis on Psilocybin for the treatment of multiple psychological maladies including depression and PTSD.|LISTEN >

Using Nature to Heal. “HEALING IS AN ART. IT TAKES TIME, IT TAKES PRACTICE. IT TAKES LOVE”. Dana and Kim are joined in-studio by guests; John Smith and Timo Caspian. This conversation centers around the use of plant / earth based medicines when traditional pharmacopeia doesn’t work. John spent years suffering with depression and was treated with multiple medications that only provided minimal relief. This past year he began microdosing Psilocybin along with other varietals which had profound positive effects that the traditional medications did not provide. Timo had a past life in corporate America that wasn’t his ultimate calling. Through years of research, study, and participation, he’s become an expert in various tribal cultures, spirituality, and the uses of plant / earth medicines to treat certain psychological ailments.|LISTEN >

EP51 Finding Yourself From Within. “PEOPLE DON’T COME TO THERAPY TO CHANGE THEIR PAST, BUT TO CHANGE THEIR FUTURE” In this episode, Dana and Kim discuss in detail their personal experiences with talk and hypnotherapy and how through the use of these modalities their lives changed both personally and professionally. They also discuss the who, what, why, and how of these therapies and how they potentially can assist you in finding yourself from within.|LISTEN >

Live Hypnotherapy Session. “Finding Yourself from Within”. “WHEN YOU FORGIVE, YOU HEAL. AND WHEN YOU LET GO, YOU GROW” We continue our series on; “Finding Yourself from Within”. In this episode, Dr. Dana performs an actual hypnotherapy session with Co-host, Kim. This is a very raw and candid episode where the discussion centers around Kim’s inability to find true love and his hesitancy to fully open his heart to healthy romantic intimacy. This episode also debunks any myths surrounding hypnotherapy and guides the listener through the actual process and Kim’s reactions and post-session thoughts and results..|LISTEN >

Finding Yourself From Within. “THE PRIVILEGE OF A LIFETIME IS TO BECOME WHO YOU TRULY ARE” Dana and Kim welcome back episode 3 guest, Amy Cooper as we continue the conversation about finding your true self from within. Amy has endured and overcome a multitude of hardships that affect many of us in life. Loss of love, Loss of a marriage, Prolonged Illness, Health issues with a child, and the Loss of a beloved and once-successful business. Instead of burying her head in the sand, Amy took the opportunity to dig deeper into her true essence and discovered the person she is today; a content and centered human who is enjoying all that life has to offer.|LISTEN >

Becoming the True You. “CHANGING YOURSELF CHANGES EVERYTHING” Dana and Kim welcome into the studio, Michelle Sorro as they continue their conversation on Finding Yourself From Within. Michelle spent many years as a successful media personality as a Host for the Home Shopping Network, a correspondent for EXTRA,  and a contestant on The Apprentice. She is now a successful coach and podcaster. Michelle as she will tell you lived a very good life both professionally and personally. It was until the height of the pandemic that Michelle began a metamorphosis that ultimately transformed her into the person she is today. This as she describes was not an easy process which included the breaking down of the facade she had built around herself for many years. It also included losing friends and trusted ones within her inner circle that were not in alignment with her newfound truth. Michelle is very candid about her journey and where it eventually led her.|LISTEN >

How Near Tragedy Redefines You. “ONE DAY, ONE MOMENT, ONE EVENT, CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE COMPLETELY” Dana and Kim are joined in the conversation by Justine Hamilton and special guest, Mary Firestone who is the author of, “Trusting The Dawn”. Through a series of life events and the near death of herself and her family, Mary embraced the opportunity to look deep within herself and evaluate whether she was destined to live the life she was leading or if there was a deeper passion and desire to be truer to herself and those around her. Mary eloquently describes her journey through life’s trials and tribulations and describes the modalities she utilized to find her true self from within.|LISTEN >

Living an Empathic Life. “BEING AN EMPATH IS LIKE SEEING WITH THE SOUL” Do you have an Empath in your life…... A parent, child, sibling, spouse or partner? Living an Empathic life is both a blessing and a curse. True Empaths only make up 2% of the population. Dana and Kim explain in detail what an Empath is, how they operate in life, and what daily living is like being an Empath.|LISTEN >

The Masks of Addiction. “ADDICTION IS THE ONLY PRISON WHERE THE LOCKS ARE ON THE INSIDE” Dana and Kim begin a series of conversations surrounding addiction and whether certain types of personalities, mental health issues, and physiological factors make a person more apt to become an addict. Both Dana and Kim have first-hand experience with parents that struggled with addiction and offer insight of how it affected their family dynamics and the trauma it caused that was carried on into adulthood.|LISTEN >

Social Media as an Addiction. “WE ARE ADDICTED TO ATTENTION RATHER THAN CONNECTION” Dana and Kim are joined in this episode by Justine Hamilton as they discuss the addiction of Social Media. If you’re someone that checks their phone before anything else in the morning, use it as a way to cope with negative emotions, or it negatively affects other areas of your life like work, school, or relationships, then you should tune into this episode. Over 50% of social media users fit the criteria of addiction. It’s reaching epidemic proportions not dissimilar to drugs and alcohol. Like all addictions, there are potential remedies that the hosts discuss throughout the episode|LISTEN >

An Addicts Life. "Bob". “RECOVERY IS ABOUT PROGRESSION, NOT PERFECTION” Dana and Kim continue their conversation about addiction and welcome into the studio special guest, “Bob”. Bob has struggled with addiction from an early age. Beginning with food, then alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, and hoarding. Bob has spent most of his adult life breaking the chains of addiction and working on himself from the inside out. His story is inspiring and eloquently told. As Bob continues to pave the path of his own recovery journey, he also helps those that struggle with addiction as a mental health professional and also provides essential mental health services and counseling to First Responders.|LISTEN >

Running Toward Fear. "NEVER LET FEAR DECIDE YOUR FUTURE” This episode is a prologue to EP52 on Hypnotherapy. Dr. Dana conducts an actual psychotherapy session with Co-Host Kim. This episode centers around Kim’s increasing anxiety and depression surrounding recent events in his life, falling back into a familiar pattern of self-isolation, and the pain of not feeling loved and cared for. This is a raw and candid conversation which focuses on running toward fear and not away from it|LISTEN >

Stoicism et al. Dana and Kim are joined in this conversation by Author / Journalist, Paul Kix. Paul is the author of; “The Saboteur” and the soon to be released; “You Have To Be Prepared To Die Before You Live”. His critically acclaimed  journalistic pieces have appeared in such publications as: ESPN the Magazine, GQ, Inc, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Boston Globe, and the Wall Street Journal. Paul’s 2017 feature piece for GQ Magazine; “The Accidental Getaway Driver” was recently made into a feature film and won the Best Director award for Director Sing Lee at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. Paul’s psychological sophistication is apparent through out his writings and his daily stoic practices have helped him navigate inevitable change, life obstacles, and doing what is right.|LISTEN >

EP62 T
ransitions. “WE CANNOT BECOME WHAT WE WANT BY REMAINING WHAT WE ARE” Dana and Kim are joined in-studio by music icon, Kenny Loggins. Kenny not only discusses his musical career, but how 2023 will be his final year of touring and his thoughts on what life looks like coming off the road after more than five decades of playing to sold out venues across the globe. Kenny also discusses his daughter’s transition to becoming a man and how that had a profound effect on him by creating a deeper love and closer relationship he thought he might never have.|LISTEN >   

EP63 Breaking the Cycle. "FREE YOURSELF FROM THE STORY THAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK" Dana, Kim & Justine are joined in their Santa Barbara studio by Jenny Schatzle: imperfect motivational speaker, author, mother and conversation changer. She discusses her intense journey toward healing by changing the conversation on body image, becoming sober and breaking the cycle of insecurity & negative self worth. In 2020 she published her first book titled: Breaking the Cycle. The premise of her book is to help women stop giving up their lives to look a certain way and step into their personal power and confidence.|LISTEN >
All remaining episodes are hosted exclusively by Dr. Dana Saperstein.

EP64 The New Fear Me Out Podcast. "I'M SAD TO SEE KIM GO, BUT VERY EXCITED TO CONTINUE THE PODCAST" Dr. Dana is joined by visiting co-host, Justine Hamilton. In keeping with the focus of the podcast, Dr. Dana describes his feelings regarding Kim Fauskee leaving the show. He describes his feelings of moving from shock and sadness, to fear and finally to feelings of excitement. We also discuss his goals for the podcast moving forward.|LISTEN >

EP65 Characteristics of an Effective TherapistWhat makes a good psychotherapist and how can I find one? In this episode, Dr. Dana discusses how a therapist’s own self-awareness, intuition, sensitivity, cultural awareness and medical knowledge contribute to the success of the client-therapist relationship. With Dana's wife Susan asking the questions this time, potential clients will learn to trust their own instincts in choosing the best therapist for themselves.|LISTEN >

Mental Health Discussions. "ONE OF MY MOST IMPORTANT QUALITIES IS TO BE OPEN TO NEW EXPERIENCES" In this episode, Dr. Dana interviews his trusted and admired friend and colleague, Dr. Michael Vogel. Dr. Vogel describes his life journey from a difficult childhood to a respected therapist and business owner. He also shares his experience as a career naval aviator landing jets on aircraft carriers before becoming a successful psychotherapist.|LISTEN >

Oriental Medicine with Heart & Soul. TO SOLVE A PROBLEM, YOU NEED TO GET TO THE CAUSE, NOT JUST DEAL WITH THE SYMPTOMS. Dr. Dana Saperstein is joined in studio with his dear friend and trusted colleague, Anthony Kar. Anthony is a licensed acupuncturist and doctor of oriental medicine, practicing in Santa Barbara, CA for almost 30 years. Dr. Dana & Anthony share the same philosophy of not pathologizing their patients based on their presenting symptoms, but rather supporting them holistically on their journey to healing.|LISTEN > 

EP68 Respected Mental Health Professional. A calling to be of service. "MY FRIST SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE OCCURRED LISTENING TO A CHURCH CHOIR REHEARSE UNDER MY GRANDMA'S DIRECTION". In this episode, Dr. Dana interviews Jennifer Vogel, MA, LMFT, a mental health professional he trusts and admires. Jennifer has always felt a calling to be of service, so becoming a successful psychotherapist was a natural progression. Her approach to her practice is both unique and inspiring.|LISTEN >


EP70 Shame.- Self Loathing and Low Self Worth."SHAME IS THE UNCOMFORTABLE SENSATION WE FEEL IN THE PIT OF OUR STOMACH WHEN WE HAVE NO SAFE HAVEN FROM THE JUDGING GAZE OF OTHERS" In this episode, Justine Hamilton interviews Dr. Dana regarding the concept of Shame. Shame differs from guilt in that guilt is about behavior where as shame is about our value. Shame is one of the main sources of self loathing & low self worth. We discuss the origins of shame & how to overcome its negative impact in our 
lives.|LISTEN >

EP71 Pixie Saavedra Episode #1. Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol. Don't let your past define you, let it drive you. Be honest, and be consistent. Find ways to improve yourself and your communication with others daily. This is where I've found my personal peace, and my joy. Dr. Dan & Justine Hamilton are joined in studio by Pixie Saavedra for a two part episode. In the first half of this interview, Pixie describes a very dramatic, chaotic childhood and adolescence that led her to become addicted to drugs and alcohol. She spent time in prison and struggled to survive. Her story is riveting but has a positive outcome. Please join us! |LISTEN >

EP72 Pixie Saavedra Episode #2. Recovery and Redemption. Dana & Justine Hamilton conclude their interview with Pixie. The second half of the interview continues her compelling story of recovery & redemption..|LISTEN >

A Journey Overcoming Extreme-Trauma. Accepting Being a Highly Sensitive Person. "MY LIFE AS A CHILD WAS PHYSICAL, AND EMOTIONAL ABUSE AND STARVATION". In this episode, Dr. Dana is joined in studio by Grace. She describes extreme violence and emotional abuse accompanied by starvation. Her journey toward healing is heroic and intense.|LISTEN >

EP74 "
She's Not Afraid of Anything!" Special Mother's Day Edition. "I'M NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING, I LOVE MY LIFE."Bernice Smith and two of her children, Brian & Sheri, celebrate her life on this Mother's Day episode. Bernice's story is both a fascinating and inspirational century long tale of the love of life and having a positive attitude.|LISTEN >

EP75 Dr. Dana & Justine Hamilton with/Special Guest Chloe Brown.| Social Media with Teens"I am on social media an average of 4 hours a day." Fifteen year old Chloe Brown discusses the positive & negative effects that social media has on her life. She candidly admits that social media is entertaining and also instills anxiety about the way she looks in comparison to the profiles she sees. |LISTEN > 

EP76 Aaron Kamps is interviewed by Justine & Dr. Dana about his Relationship to Social Media. I DON'T THINK ADDICTION IS A FAIR WORD TO DESCRIBE MY RELATIONSHIP TO SOCIAL MEDIA.
This episode continues the series of Fear Me Out interviews on the relationship that teens have with Social Media. Aaron Kamps is a 14 year old young man that eloquently describes his relationship to Social Media. He recognizes both the positive and negatice aspects on his daily experiences wtih TikTok and Snapchat.|

EP77 Dr. Dana & Justine Hamilton | Spirituality & its Relation to Intuition. INTUITION IS GOD'S VOICE SPEAKING TO US. IT IS A SCARED PART OF OUR LIVES. Dr. Dana us joined by Justine Hamilton to discuss the topic of Spirituality. This conversation ranges from understanding the similarities and differences between religion and spirituality. Intuition being the cornerstone of spirituality. |LISTEN >

EP78 Dr. Dana & Justine Hamilton |How we Gather & Recall Information. CONFIRMATION BIASES IMPACT HOW WE GATHER INFORMATION BUT ALSO INFLUENCE HOW WE INTERPRET AND RECALL INFORMATION.|In this episode, Dr. Dana & Justine explore their personal belief systems and the effect that these biases have on their lives. They also explore the danger of confirmation biases and how you can identify some of them in your own life.|LISTEN >

EP79 Derin Stockton is interviewed by Dr. Dana Regarding his psychological approach to Optimal Physical Health. "PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH ARE LINKED IN VERY IMPORTANT WAYS" Dr. Dana is joined by his friend and colleague Derin Stockton. Derin & Dr. Dana have worked with many clients in common over the years. We discuss Derin's approach to helping clients achieve optimal physical & emotional health. LISTEN >

EP80 Dr. Dana & Justine with Special Guest Lizzie|Childhood Trauma & PTSD. Dr. Dana & Justine interview Lizzie regarding her heroic struggle overcoming severe emotional neglect and abuse. Her older brother raised her while her mom was nowhere to be found days on end. She is strong, inspirational and constantly on the pursuit to make herself a better person for her daughter.|LISTEN >

EP81 Dr. Dana w/Special Guest Hugh Cook | Surviving a Suicide Attempt. "IT'S A MIRACLE THAT I SURVIVED MY SUICIDE ATTEMPT" | Hugh Cook survived an intense suicide attempt at a young age. He overcame addiction and continues to learn about himself through identification as an empath. His journey is miraculous and inspiring. Today, he is studying to become a LMFT through Antioch University. He is devoting the next step in his life to helping others.|LISTEN >

EP82 Dr. Dana w/Special Guest, Dr. Michael Mantz | Ketamine Therapy "I SEE KETAMINE THERAPY AS ONE OF THE MOST EFFECTIVE MODALITIES AVAILABLE - Dr. Mantz" Dr. Michael Mantz is a psychiatrist in private practice in Santa Barbara, CA. Using Ketamine Therapy, he helps many people struggling with depression, pain and psychological madadies. Dr. Mantz is an expert in the use of Ketamine & its effectiveness. LISTEN > 


EP83 Dr. Dana & Justine Hamilton w/Special guest Seth Epstein | Relationship with Kids. "I'M VERY SAD WHEN I LOOK BACK AT HOW MUCH I LET MY BUSINESS PREOCCUPY ME- Seth Epstein". Dr. Dana & Justine Hamilton interview Seth Epstein regarding his remorse and sadness about not being as involved in his kids early years. Seth allowed his work to consume him at the expense of his time with his boys. Many children suffer from their father's absence. Seth would like to inspire dads to correct this imbalance. |LISTEN >

EP84 Dr. Dana & Special Guest Barry Schoer | CEO of Sanctuary Centers, Santa Barbara. "I HAVE DEDICATED MY LIFE TO CARING FOR THE SEVERELY MENTALLY ILL. PEOPLE THAT SUFFER FROM SEVERE MENTAL ILLNESS DESERVE PROPER CARE AND RESPECT". Dr. Dana interviews his friend and colleague Barry Schoer. Barry and Dana met in 1979 working in an in-patient psychiatric ward. They became fast friends, sharing humor and compassion working in this challenging environment. Barry has spent the last 40 years dedicating his life to the care of severely mentally ill adolescents & children in our community.|LISTEN >

EP85 Dr. Dana & Special Guest: Belle Hahn | A Beautiful Awakening. Part 1. "For much of my life, I lived in a victim state of mind, processing what happened to me. I now see, through my healing, that what happened to me was for me.” Dr. Dana and Justine Hamilton interview Belle Hahn. She openly shares her journey with trauma, abuse, ptsd and the profound feeling of healing she gets when she is in nature. Her story is both empowering and inspirational, in particular, when Dr. Saperstein touches on freeing ourselves from labels that might imprison us.|LISTEN >

EP 86 Dr. Dana, Justine Hamilton & Special Guest: Belle Hahn | A Beautiful Awakening, Part 2. Dr. Dana & Justine Hamilton complete part 2 of Belle Hahn's journey to healing her trauma|LISTEN >

EP87 Dr. Dana w/Special Guest, Jeremy Luberts | Murder on Elm Street ""Little did they know, the retired homeowner had set a sinister trap to catch whoever was burgling his home". Jeremy Luberts was born and raised in Little Falls, MN. A second generation deputy sheriff of 28 years of service. He lived through his career as both a hero and victim. He paid a huge cost to. stay in his integrity as a person, and solve two grisly murders in his hometown. As a law enforcement officer, he felt a strong duty to go against many of his neighbors to fight for justice for the murder victims. Jeremy wrote a book releasing in September 2023 called: Murder on Elm Street : A True Life Crime Story. You can also find him on Facebook: Story|LISTEN >

EP88 Dr. Dana w/ Special Guest Roger Reynolds | Healing No Contact Physical Abuse. Dr. Dana is joined by Special Guest, Roger Reynolds in this empowering episode. Roger describes his journey through childhood neglect, abuse, trauma and shame. He was finally freed from his daily suicidal thoughts when his mother passed away. The fact that she removed him from her will just ten days before she died, confirmed for Roger that he was never truly loved.Roger describes his journey in his upcoming book "The Scapegoat Escapes" which will be available winter of 2023. He also has a YouTube channel: No Bruises on the Outside|LISTEN>                       


Seth Showalter is a licensed clinical social worker, esteemed clinical supervisor, and talented therapist who has dedicated his career to providing compassionate care to individuals facing mental health challenges. He and Dr. Dana discuss his journey to sexual self acceptance.|LISTEN >

EP105 Dr. Dana, Justine Hamilton & Special Guest, Gwyn Lurie | Anti-Semitism "MY MOTHER WAS A HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR. OBVIOUSLY THIS AFFECTED MY LIFE GROWING UP."

Gwyn Lurie, the owner and CEO of the Montecito Journal and related publications, discusses her experiences with anti-semitism and drowing up with a mom that was in the Holocaust. Justine Hamilton and Dr. Dana are both long term admirers of Ms. Lurie and her publications.|LISTEN >

100th Episode! Dr. Dana & Justine Hamilton "I CAN'T BELIEVE WE'VE DONE 100 EPISODE OF THE FEAR ME OUT PODCAST, SO FUN!"

Justine interviews Dr. Dana about what it's been like to do over 100 episodes of the Fear Me Out Podcast.|LISTEN >

EP107 Dr. Dana | HSP + Empath Characteristics "BEING A HSP OR EMPATH IS A GIFT, NOT A LIABILITY"

Dr. Dana discusses the characteristics of being a "Highly Sensitive Person." This episode is the beginning of a series about how to thrive as an Empath or HSP.|LISTEN >


Dr. Dana interviews John Kamps regarding how being a highly sensitive person has affected his life.  John describes how important it was for him to understand and accept being a HSP. This was a necessary step in healing his trauma and thriving as an unusual person.|LISTEN >


Dr. Dana interviews his good friend and colleague, Jen Vogel about her learning to thrive as a HSP.  Jen recognized this trait at a young age and has been helping people her whole life.  This eventually resulted in Jen's choice to become a mental health professional.|LISTEN >

EP110 Dr. Dana & Amy Zimmerman | Learning to Accept being a HSP "AS A CHILD, I NEVER REALIZED WHY I FELT MY EMOTIONS SO DEEPLY"

Amy Zimmerman and Dr. Dana talk at length about how she has spent years healing her trauma and embracing being a highly sensitive person.|LISTEN >


Dave and Dr. Dana discuss how being HSP makes childhood trauma much more damaging to a person. Understanding being a HSP has allowed Dave the ability to heal his trauma.|LISTEN >

EP112 Series Conclusion - Being A HSP Being an HSP is purely a biological phenomenon. Dr. Dana finishes his series on being a highly sensitive person.  He discusses at length the biology of this phenomena. Being a HSP is biologically driven and strongly influenced by the environment.|LISTEN >

EP113 Dr. Dana & Josiah Hamilton | Journey to Greater Self Awareness "KNOWING YOURSELF IS THE BEGINNING OF ALL WISDOM."

Dr. Dana and Josiah Hamilton discuss Josiah's relationship to drugs & alcohol, which for a big part of his life, felt like the only way to survive.  He relied on his daily journaling to bring clarity over time and ultimately the choice to become and stay sober.|LISTEN >


In this two part series, Dr. Dana and Justine Hamilton discuss how we learn to lie to ourselves based on our relationship with the important women in our lives.  Dr. Dana uses his life experiences as an example about how these deceptions get formed. Early in life, Dr. Dana formed a pattern of loneliness and low self esteem that followed him through his teen years through young adulthood.|LISTEN >


Justine Hamilton and Dr. Dana finish a two part series on how Dr. Dana learned to lie to himself.  The episode describes lies that Dr. Dana received from the men in his life.  Most of the lies came from his father.|LISTEN >

EP116 Dr. Dana & Justine Hamilton | Lying Part 3 - Justine's Story "I GREW UP NOT BELIEVING THAT I MATTERED TO ANYONE."

Justine Hamilton and Dr. Dana discuss the lies that Justine learned to tell herself as a child.  Two of these lies were very damaging to her self-esteem.  The first lie was that she didn't matter to anyone.  The second was that she had to take care of everything in her life.|LISTEN >

EP117 Dr. Dana & Erica Victor | Medical Social Worker, Caregivers & Caregiving "FAMILY DYNAMICS IN CARING FOR THE ELDERLY CAN BE VERY COMPLICATED."

Dr. Dana interviews Erica Victor, a licensed clinical social worker, about the psychological issues that families face when caring for the sick and elderly.  She describes in detail the common problems that she encounters in her role as a caregiver.|LISTEN >

EP118 Dr. Dana & Gwen Dawson | Caregiving for a loved one with Dementia "DO NOT ARGUE, REASON OR EXPLAIN IN THE MOMENT WHEN YOU ARE WORKING WITH SOMEONE WITH DEMENTIA."

Gwen Dawson and Dr. Dana have an in-depth discussion about dementia. Gwen lost her mother and is losing her husband to this debilitating condition. She provides both practical advice and emotional vulnerability in the podcast episode.|LISTEN >

EP119 Dr. Dana & Josiah Hamilton | The Loss of a Parent "DON'T EVER LET WORDS GO UNSPOKEN."

Josiah Hamilton and Dr. Dana discuss Josiah's journey watching his mother die from cancer. He describes at length the sadness and difficulty he experienced going through this process.|LISTEN >


Dr. Robert Nagy, an expert in Bipolar Disorder, discusses the diagnosis and treatment of this serious illness. Dr. Nagy has years of experience helping patients manage the ups and downs of this diagnosis.|LISTEN >


Cole Napoli bravely discusses the difficulties of having bipolar disorder. He and Dr. Dana have an in depth discussion of the disorder itself and the prejudice he has encountered. His experience being bipolar is inspirational and enlightening.|LISTEN >

EP122 Dr. Dana & Justine Hamilton | Four Day Forward Workshop "I FEEL A STRONG CALLING TO BE OF SERVICE. THIS WORKSHOP IS THE BEGINNING OF A MUCH MORE DELIBERATE PLAN TO HELP WOMEN HEAL." Justine Hamilton and Dr. Dana speak at length about Justine's upcoming women's workshop.  She is making a devotion to help women resolve trauma and lead more fulfilling lives.  Justine describes a lifetime of feeling the need to be of service to others.|LISTEN >

EP123 Dr. Dana| Miracles Dr. Dana describes a length, both the miracles that he has experienced and those that he has witnessed. Are these true miracles or just coincidences?  It's up to you to determine...|LISTEN >

EP124 Dr. Dana & Teri Malinowski | Elephant Miracle Teri Malinowski and Dr. Dana have a very inspiring discussion about the effect that meeting a baby elephant had on Teri's life.  She never imagined that a trip to Thailand would be so meaningful and introduce her to love in such a powerful way.|LISTEN >

EP125 Dr. Dana & Cary Meadow | Trusting Your Inner Voice Cary Meadow and Dr. Dana have an in depth discussion on miracles and how to trust your inner voice. Cary describes a potential life saving feeling that changed the course of his life..Trusting his inner voice made all of the difference.|LISTEN >

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