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Podcasts on Self-Actualization

"Fear holds you back. Intuition, faith and love push you forward."

Self-actualization is the process of realizing and fulfilling one's true potential, striving for personal growth, and becoming the best version of oneself. Coined by psychologist Abraham Maslow, self-actualization represents the pinnacle of his famous hierarchy of needs. It is a state in which individuals feel a deep sense of authenticity, purpose, and fulfillment in their lives. Self-actualization is the process of realizing and fulfilling one's true potential, striving for personal growth, and becoming the best version of oneself.

When individuals strive for self-actualization, they engage in activities that align with their true selves, values, & interests.

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Podcasts on Self-Actualization

Self-actualization goes beyond mere survival and meeting basic needs. It involves a profound exploration of one's values, passions, talents and aspirations.

EP75 Dr. Dana & Justine Hamilton with/Special Guest Chloe Brown.| Social Media with Teens"I am on social media an average of 4 hours a day." Fifteen year old Chloe Brown discusses the positive & negative effects that social media has on her life. She candidly admits that social media is entertaining and also instills anxiety about the way she looks in comparison to the profiles she sees. |LISTEN >

EP76 Aaron Kamps is interviewed by Justine & Dr. Dana about his Relationship to Social Media. I DON'T THINK ADDICTION IS A FAIR WORD TO DESCRIBE MY RELATIONSHIP TO SOCIAL MEDIA.This episode continues the series of Fear Me Out interviews on the relationship that teens have with Social Media. Aaron Kamps is a 14 year old young man that eloquently describes his relationship to Social Media. He recognizes both the positive & negatice aspects on his daily experiences wtih TikTok and Snapchat.|LISTEN >

EP78 Dr. Dana & Justine Hamilton |How we Gather & Recall Information. CONFIRMATION BIASES IMPACT HOW WE GATHER INFORMATION BUT ALSO INFLUENCE HOW WE INTERPRET & RECALL INFORMATION.|In this episode, Dr. Dana & Justine explore their personal belief systems & the effect that these biases have on their lives. They also explore the danger of confirmation biases & how you can identify some of them in your life.|LISTEN>

EP79 Derin Stockton is interviewed by Dr. Dana Regarding his psychological approach to Optimal Physical Health. "PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH ARE LINKED IN VERY IMPORTANT WAYS" Dr. Dana is joined by his friend & colleague Derin Stockton. Derin & Dr. Dana have worked with many clients in common over the years.Derin's unique approach to helps his clients achieve optimal physical & emotional health.|LISTEN >

EP80 Dr. Dana & Justine with Special Guest Lizzie|Childhood Trauma & PTSD. Dr. Dana & Justine interview Lizzie regarding her heroic struggle overcoming severe emotional neglect and abuse. Her older brother raised her while her mom was nowhere to be found days on end. She is strong, inspirational and constantly on the pursuit to make herself a better person for her daughter.|LISTEN >

EP81 Dr. Dana w/Special Guest Hugh Cook | Surviving a Suicide Attempt. "IT'S A MIRACLE THAT I SURVIVED MY SUICIDE ATTEMPT" | Hugh Cook survived an intense suicide attempt at a young age. He overcame addiction and continues to learn about himself through identification as an empath. His journey is miraculous and inspiring. Today, he is studying to become a LMFT through Antioch University. He is devoting the next step in his life to helping others.|LISTEN >

EP82 Dr. Dana w/Special Guest, Dr. Michael Mantz | Ketamine Therapy "I SEE KETAMINE THERAPY AS ONE OF THE MOST EFFECTIVE MODALITIES AVAILABLE - Dr. Mantz" Dr. Michael Mantz is a psychiatrist in private practice in Santa Barbara, CA. Using Ketamine Therapy, he helps many people struggling with depression, pain and psychological madadies. Dr. Mantz is an expert in the use of Ketamine & its effectiveness. LISTEN >

 Fear Me Out Podcasts on Self -Actualization
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