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"Fear holds you back. Intuition, faith and love push you forward."

Anxiety is characterized by persistent feelings of fear, worry, and unease. It can manifest as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, or specific phobias. People with anxiety may experience excessive worry, restlessness, difficulty concentrating, sleep disturbances, and physical symptoms such as rapid heartbeat or shortness of breath.


Fear Me Out Podcasts on Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are two common mental health disorders that can significantly impact a person's well-being and quality of life. While they are separate conditions, they often occur together and share similar symptoms and underlying factors.

EP10 Chris Young on the Fear the Dynamics of Money. Dana & Kim begin a two episode conversation regarding the Fear of Money and welcome into the podcast studio, Chris Young. Chris is a craftsman, businessman, surfer, husband, and father who grew up in an upper middle class family. Coming from means did not pave a smooth path to success. In fact, there were many bumps and turns along the way. So please join us as we speak with Chris regarding the family dynamics of money and how it not only shaped his past, but his future. About the Fear Me Out Podcast: Kim & Dana are the co-authors of a book by the same name (Fear Me Out) that will be released in 2022. Their unique approach to managing fear will have you experiencing and feeling fear differently. Along with their studio guests, they engage in life conversations that most people are too uncomfortable to have & debunk certain myths regarding fear & everyday psychological issues that affect many of us.|LISTEN >

EP15 Soul Searching. Finding the "Who" Within Yourself. Dana & Kim speak with Nancy Locke whose journey through life hasn't exactly taken a traditional path. Through addiction, complicated family relationships, and a high-profile marriage, she ultimately found sobriety, love, and the person within she was looking for.|LISTEN >

EP19 Against All Odds A Father's Fight for his Daughter w/Special Guest Derin Stockton."A hero is someone who, in spite of weakness, doubt, and fear, goes ahead and overcomes anyway”. Dana and Kim are joined in the studio by former professional athlete Derin Stockton who endured a 10-year legal battle to gain custody of his daughter through a court system that consistently fought him, experts that continually berated him, and a child’s mother whose own battle with mental illness caused their daughter immeasurable harm.|LISTEN >

EP21 Self-Care is How You Take your Power Back w/Special Guest Lauren Fisher. In this episode, Dana and Kim are joined by native New Yorker and now Californian, Lauren Fisher. Her battle with weight issues while growing up eventually led her to a not-so-obvious career as an Associate Publisher and Fashion Director at multiple, well-known, high fashion publications. As a result of her experiences and her passion for human transformation and empowerment, Lauren now shares her expertise as a Health & Wellness Coach with those she left behind in the corporate world & others who desire to live a healthy & balanced life.|LISTEN >

EP23 Fear of Not Being Happy. Debunking The Myth That You Should Always Be Happy.“IT’S OK TO JUST FEEL OK” In this episode, Dana and Kim discuss the common myth that as humans we should consistently be happy. The media tells us this, advertisers sell us this, books convince us of this, and social media shows us this, but it’s not possible for us as humans to be a single emotion. Emotional Neutrality is what we should be striving for as our daily baseline in seeking joy &understanding the other emotions we feel  & how they play a role in our  wellbeing.|LISTEN >

EP36 Surviving Objectification and Sexual Abuse Guest Caroline Burckle. “TRAUMA MAY HAPPEN TO YOU, BUT IT CAN NEVER DEFINE YOU” Dana and Kim are joined in-studio by Olympic Medalist, Entrepreneur, Artist / Designer; Caroline Burckle whose trip to athletic glory came with a huge price through no fault of her own. Caroline shares with us her very personal story of being objectified and abused by those she admired and looked up to and how these actions took a toll on her mental and physical well-being as well as, the loss of friendships and intimate relationships. This is a story of a survivor who has now fully embraced her journey forward toward; health, happiness, and healing.|LISTEN >

EP42 Parental Alienation Dana and Kim with Special Guest Kristi Miller LMFT. “A HEALTHY PARENT DOES NOT TAKE THEIR CHILD’S RIGHTS AWAY OUT OF HATE AND ANGER FOR THE OTHER PARENT”. Dana and Kim are joined in the studio by Kristi Miller, LMFT author of; “Establishing Boundaries with Kids” whose therapy practice solely works with families navigating parent/child issues. Parental alienation is a strategy whereby one parent intentionally displays to the child unjustified negativity aimed at the other parent. The purpose of this strategy is to damage the child's relationship with the other parent & to turn the child's emotions against that other parent. This is a form of child abuse. Dana, Kim, and Kristi discuss how this begins, what are signs to watch for, what type of help is available if this is happening to you or someone you know & the long-lasting psychological effect this has on the child and the abused parent.|LISTEN >

EP45 Surviving Sexual Abuse Dr. Dana and Kim. “THE SCARS YOU CAN’T SEE ARE THE HARDEST TO HEAL”. In this episode, Dana and Kim discuss the long-term psychological effects of sexual abuse and how it defines you as a person going forward. If left untreated, many will develop unhealthy habits and patterns that will not only affect their health and mental well-being but will also block them from having robust intimate relationships with the opposite sex and may also lead to further abuse. Like many traumas in life, this one can also be overcome with the right understanding, counsel, compassion, and acceptance.|LISTEN >

EP46 The Lasting Trauma of Sexual Abuse. Dr. Dana and Kim with Special Guest Ann Burridge. “THERE IS NO GREATER AGONY THAN BEARING AN UNTOLD STORY INSIDE OF YOU” In this episode, Dana and Kim are joined by Sexual Abuse Survivor, Ann Burridge who suffered years of sexual abuse from her step-father beginning as a young child. Like many victims where abuse began early in life, Ann was not only confused by her step-father’s actions, but also found a level of pleasure in performing them along with the attention she received. It wasn’t until she began marriage counseling did the memories of abuse re-surface. This began Ann’s decades-long journey toward confronting her past and healing the scars that remained. Ann’s healing journey continues today and has included a few speed bumps and hurdles along the way but she has now found a life where she is content and looking at life through a different lens. |LISTEN >

EP47 Surviving Parental Alienation. Dr. Dana and Kim with Special Guest Patrick Woods.“NARCISSISTS DON’T CO-PARENT. THEY COUNTER-PARENT”. Dana and Kim are joined in-studio by a friend of the podcast, Patrick Woods who experienced firsthand the effects of parental alienation at the hands of a narcissistic father. This had a profound effect on Patrick, especially through adolescence which included bouts of significant depression and suicidal thoughts. Patrick is unique in the fact that he was able to get professional help through the encouragement of his mother and step-father which provided him with a perspective that most teenagers don’t have and the tools necessary not only to heal but to thrive in life in just a few short years. Patrick is wise beyond his age & details his story in an eloquent, and passionate way. |LISTEN >

EP55 How Near Tragedy Redefines You. Dr. Dana Kim and Justine Hamilton with Mary Firestone, “ONE DAY, ONE MOMENT, ONE EVENT, CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE COMPLETELY” Dana & Kim are joined in the conversation by Justine Hamilton & special guest, Mary Firestone who is the author of, “Trusting The Dawn”. Through a series of life events & the near death of herself & her family, Mary embraced the opportunity to look deep within herself & evaluate whether she was destined to live the life she was leading or if there was a deeper passion & desire to be truer to herself & those around her. Mary eloquently her journey through life’s trials and tribulations and describes the modalities she utilized to find her true self from within|LISTEN >

EP57 The Masks of Addiction Dr. Dana Saperstein & Kim - The Masks of Addiction. “ADDICTION IS THE ONLY PRISON WHERE THE LOCKS ARE ON THE INSIDE” Dana and Kim begin a series of conversations surrounding addiction and whether certain types of personalities, mental health issues, and physiological factors make a person more apt to become an addict. Both Dana and Kim have first-hand experience with parents that struggled with addiction and offer insight of how it affected their family dynamics and the trauma it caused that was carried on into adulthood. |LISTEN >

EP59 "Bob"- An Addicts Life. Dana and Kim with Special Guest "Bob." “RECOVERY IS ABOUT PROGRESSION, NOT PERFECTION” Dana & Kim continue their conversation about addiction & welcome into the studio ,“Bob”. Bob has struggled with addiction from an early age. Beginning with food, then alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, and hoarding. Bob has spent most of his adult life breaking the chains of addiction and working on himself from the inside out. His story is inspiring and eloquently told. As Bob continues to pave the path of his own recovery journey, he also helps those that struggle with addiction as a mental health professional & also provides essential mental health services & counseling to First Responders |LISTEN >

EP63  Breaking the Cycle. Dr. Dana Kim & Justine with Special Guest Jenny Schatzle. "FREE YOURSELF FROM THE STORY THAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK" Dana, Kim & Justine are joined in their Santa Barbara studio by Jenny Schatzle: imperfect motivational speaker, author, mother and conversation changer. She discusses her intense journey toward healing by changing the conversation on body image, becoming sober and breaking the cycle of insecurity & negative self worth. In 2020 she published her first book titled: Breaking the Cycle. The premise of her book is to help women stop giving up their lives to look a certain way and step into their personal power and confidence.|LISTEN >

EP70 Shame. Dr. Dana & Justine Hamilton."SHAME IS THE UNCOMFORTABLE SENSATION WE FEEL IN THE PIT OF OUR STOMACH WHEN WE HAVE NO SAFE HAVEN FROM THE JUDGING GAZE OF OTHERS" In this episode, Justine Hamilton interviews Dr. Dana regarding the concept of Shame. Shame differs from guilt in that guilt is about behavior where as shame is about  value. Shame is one of the main sources of self loathing and low self worth. We discuss the origins of shame & how to overcome negative impact.  LISTEN >

EP71 Pixie Saavedra Episode #1 Addicted to Drugs & Alcohol. Dr. Dana & Justine Hamilton with Special Guest Pixie Saavedra. Dr. Dana & Justine Hamilton are joined in studio by Pixie Saavedra for a two part episode. In the first half of this interview, Pixie describes a very dramatic, chaotic childhood and adolescence that led her to become addicted to drugs and alcohol. She spent time in prison and struggled to survive. Her story is riveting but has a positive outcome. Please join us!|LISTEN > 

EP72 Pixie Saavedra Episode #2 Recovery & Redemption. Dr. Dana & Justine Hamilton conclude their interview with Pixie. The second half of the interview continues her compelling story of recovery & redemption.|LISTEN >

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