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This is a conversation about the use of hallucinogenics for therapeutic use for PTSD and Trauma

Michael and Naomi Sparrow, who are guides in terms of taking people on psychedelic journeys. I was lucky enough to be able to do one with them about four weeks ago. And I also want to put out the context that not promoting the use of hallucinogenics. Here, in terms of recreational use, but this is a conversation about the use of hallucinogenics for therapeutic use, and in a healing journey, I had done probably a year and a half's worth of research, in terms of psychedelics in the use of caring, PTSD and depression.



Michael & Naomi Sparrow

Feb 19, 2023 01:03:18

I didn't go into this lightly or blindly. I had a lot of counsel and discussions with my co host here in terms of wanting to do this, and how it would potentially help me. So anyway, this is a conversation I've been looking forward to having for the last month. So Michael and Naomi, welcome. Hi. And so I think we'll first start off by talking about for people who may not follow the news, follow social media, follow psychology follow psychiatry, in terms of how the use of psychedelics now and how you'd be to have augmented these journeys with people in terms of healing, specific psychological traumas, and anxieties and depressions.

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