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Kenny Discusses his musical career and his thoughts on what life looks like coming off the road

Well, I should have hit the record button about 15 minutes ago because we already had some really great content here. And Kenny didn't need any warmup today. So, we are blessed to have not only music, royalty, but if you happen to be a local Sanibel resident, we have local royalty with us today. Kenny Loggins, Kenny, thanks for being with us today. This week I'd like to welcome Kenny Loggins onto the podcast. I've listened to his music for a long time, at least 20 years or more. needless to say, he is a very special person who lives in Santa Barbara that I greatly admire and respect. And so I wanted him to come on the show and talk a bit about who he is and how he came to becoming a famous musician and loving father.



Kenny Loggins. Singer-Songwriter-Icon 

Glen Phillips - Music Sat, May 13, 2023 4:19PM • 1:14:01

“WE CANNOT BECOME WHAT WE WANT BY REMAINING WHAT WE ARE” Dana and Kim are joined in-studio by music icon, Kenny Loggins. Kenny not only discusses his musical career, but how 2023 will be his final year of touring and his thoughts on what life looks like coming off the road after more than five decades of playing to sold out venues across the globe. Kenny also discusses his daughter’s transition to becoming a man & how that had a profound effect on him by creating a deeper love & closer relationship he thought he might never have.

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